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A Bit About Us

Meet Tanya, owner of Bits & Boots Pony Rides. 

I enjoy teaching children and adults all about horses, horse care and riding.


My children were lucky that I was able to take them to pony club from a young age and as they progressed I became an instructor at pony club. At pony club it is a requirement to have your own horse so I could see there were many people who were not in a position to go to pony club due to horse ownership being difficult for many reasons including agistment, costs and knowledge. I would often receive queries regarding where to go for a pony ride and if I gave lessons outside of pony club. These queries started me thinking and I started Bits & Boots Pony Rides in 2015. I started off slowly with my focus on giving children a fun horse experience. My business has grown beyond my wildest dreams and we now offer much more than just pony rides.

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Hi, I'm Sarah. I have had a love for horses my whole life and have been learning everything I could about horses since I could read. I still enjoy researching and learning anything new to do with horses. My children were also lucky to have the opportunity to go to pony club which is where my passion grew to teach and share my knowledge with children (and adults) who love horses too. Tanya and I have been friends since meeting at pony club and as Bits and Boots grew I joined the team. I love helping a rider grow their knowledge, ability and confidence and really enjoy their horse journey.

All instructors are NCAS qualified.

We also have a team of experienced horse people to assist our programs.

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Meet the Horses



Peaches is everyone's favourite. He's an original first pony at Bits & Boots. Peaches knows how everything runs.



Angel by name angel by nature. She is pony ready for your child to fall in love with. 


Black Beauty

Black Beauty is as cute as a button. This little munchkin is great for pony and cart rides. 



Magic is also known as Angel's evil twin but is also a magical pony to ride. 



Millie is quiet, gentle and kind loving. She loves carrots but is on a strict diet. 


Jasper is full of personality. He loves to be pampered and takes you wherever you need to go. 



Swiper is the king of the herd. He is a great horse for a leisurely slow trail ride. 



Nelson is a loveable character. He steals everyones heart. 

Bon Dougie_edited.jpg


Also known as Sluggy Dougie. Our super safe beginner horse who is loved by all.


Meeka is a Quarter Horse Paint. She is always first to meet you at the gate and always up for a smooch. 



Phoebe is the golden horse and she is adored by everyone. You can meet Phoebe on either trail rides or lessons. 


Wizz is a lovely little brumby. He is so cool and loved by anyone that meets him. 


Beautiful Beau is a great all rounder from trail rides to lessons he can't wait to show you what he can do.


Spartan is a cheeky little 11.2h pony. He loves trail rides and bossy kids.



Lexi is on loan from a family in Sydney. In a previous life she was a show pony but now helps with the School Holiday Programs.


Fred is the sweetest gentleman. He is a true allrounder that is amazing at everything. All his riders adore him.


Max is a beautiful old soul with only one eye. He looks after all his riders of all ages.


Buster move! What a gorgeous pony. Our youngest crew member but very talented and brave.

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